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Why do we have the UK GDPR? (1/16)

Welcome to our Data Protection series of HY in 5ive where we cover all of the key aspects of the UK GDPR in a schools context. In this first episode, we discuss why the UK GDPR was introduced.

Data Protection Terminology (2/16)

In this episode of our Data Protection HY in 5ive series, we explore some of the key terms schools should be aware of, and put them into context within an education environment.

Data Protection Principles (3/16)

Whenever you’re processing someone’s personal information, the GDPR applies. But what does the GDPR actually require us to do when processing personal data?

Consent under the GDPR (5/16)

We explore the issue of consent, and share our 5 top tips on making sure you are obtaining consent to the GDPR standard.

What is a Data Protection Officer? (6/16)

What is a Data Protection Officer and do schools and academies need one under the GDPR? Our latest video explores the role of a DPO and answers common questions from school leaders.

Data Breaches under the GDPR (7/16)

Does your school know how to identify a data breach? In this episode of HY in 5ive, we explore the common data breaches which occur in schools and how they should be managed.

Privacy Notices (11/16)

Find out why your school or multi-academy trust should have a privacy notice to inform your data subjects on what information of theirs you hold, and why.

The DPIA process explained (12/16)

Does your school know when to conduct a DPIA? In this episode of HY in 5ive, we explore what a DPIA is and when it should be conducted within a school.

Data Processors (13/16)

What is a data processor? This episode of HY in 5ive explains what a processor does and how to identify one. We’ll also explore the requirements between your school and the data processor.